Coronavirus Update 2-12-20

The latest advice from Golf Australia states that South Australia can return to competition golf as of 1st Dec.

Competition golf will resume with normal handicapping of the playing field and presentation of prizes.

The hygiene measures required no sharing of golf equipment e.g. sand bunker rakes , buckets & score cards.

Before play starts players are asked not to exchange score cards, and during the round verbally notify the nominated partner of the score for the hole.

7:00pm the night before the entire field will be automatically registered.

At the end of the round 1 player should score enter all of the cards.

The flagstick is to remain in the hole and the foam will allow the players ball to be easily retrieved.

Golfers are requested to smooth the sand using their feet or a club, remember you may end up in your own footprint later in the round.

To save time on the day access the mySAGOV app prior to be able to complete the Covid-safe check in using the QR code or record your details at the bar.

As normal if you feel unwell please stay home and keep everyone safe.

Sent on behalf of KGC match committee